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Sera Pod

Sera Pod

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Sera pod (SGVAPE.SHOP). It under by nanostix. It is compatible with nanostix device.

The closed pod system Sera Pod comes in a range of e-liquid flavours and is compatible with the NanoSTIX device. It offering a variety of alternatives ranging from fruity to premium.

With four pods per package with a 2 ml cartridge capacity and 5% mg of nicotine, it is an excellent option for anyone trying to give up smoking.

Handcrafted e-liquids from Sera Pod are well-known for offering customers looking for a delicious and fulfilling substitute for traditional smoking a pleasant experience. 

1 boxes comes with 4 pods. If is 4000 puff cartridge (4pc). Comes with fruity and creamy flavor.



  • 2ml/pcs
  • 4000 puffs
  • 50mg/ml
  • Each box contains 4 cartridges

Flavor line up:

  • Double mango
  • Spear mint
  • Mix pod
  • Lychee blackcurrant
  • Guava
  • Mix grape
  • Vanilla tbc
  • Banana milk
  • Strawberry bubblegum

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