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Device Lanyard

Device Lanyard

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SG Disposable Vape Lanyard (SGVAPE.SHOP) 

Nowsadays, many vapers are looking for ways to carry their vaping devices around with them more easily. One option that has become increasingly popular is using a lanyard to hold e-cigarette. 

A vape lanyard is a simple device that allows vapers to carry their e-cigarette around their neck or wrist. 

Many vapers find that using a lanyard is more convenient than carrying a vape pen in their pocket or purse, as it allows them to keep their hands free while still having quick access to their device.

In conclusion, using a lanyard for vaping can be a convenient and stylish way to carry your vaping device around with you. With so many different styles and options to choose from, there's sure to be a lanyard that meets your needs and preferences.

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SG Disposable Vape Lanyard Brand :

  • Voltbar
  • Vapetape
  • King X
  • Aladdin

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