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SG Vape

R one device (SG VAPE)

R one device (SG VAPE)

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R One Device (SGVAPE.SHOP)

ROne Device (SGVAPE.SHOP) Why choose R-ONE Device? Fine-tuned the color tone to make your visual experience even better. You don't have to worry about counterfeits in the market, as products come in unique color combinations that allow you to tell the authenticity at a glance.

In addition, the device's color, also made some small but important improvements to the silver screen. Now, you will enjoy a clearer and more detailed image display. You no longer need to worry about which product to choose, because now is the time to give yourself a brand new R-ONE Device.

R-ONE Device indicator puff displayed, pull out pods to reset puffs vaping duration display. Then, constant voltage display. Next, resistance display, insert different pods will show different resistance. Lastly, power display, each grid represents 25% power.

Color Line Up:

  • black jade
  • pail lilac
  • champagne gold


Compatible pod:

  • Relx classic pod
  • Sp2 pod
  • Lana pod
  • Time pod
  • Rone pod
  • Zuez pod
  • Zeno pod
  • Genesis pod
  • Kizz pod
  • Eva pod

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